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Thalia Engineering Studio :: Home

Vision. Clarity. Humanity.

Let's kick this industry up a few notches.

We're trying something a little different here at Thalia Engineering Studio. There are so many firms that have strong technical chops, and the technical side of proper project management is just basic housekeeping. It’s very difficult to distinguish ourselves among other firms by just touting that we have the ability to build a very good mousetrap (and boy howdy, do we). Thalia's here to help people understand why they want to trap mice in the first place.

As engineers, we all want to provide our clients with a really great business experience, but in order for our clients to truly appreciate our solutions, we must show that our solutions are especially valuable to them. Providing you with reams of calculations will be entirely useless to you. A spreadsheet tabulating our worth as engineers is not necessarily going to do it for you, either; nor is proving to you that we’ve done this sort of project a million times before.

Check out the bits and pieces of our website. We'll take you through and help you see what's so special about Thalia. We embrace three values: Vision. Clarity. Humanity.

We think they'll serve you well.

Thalia Engineering Studio, PLLC BBB Business Review